first aid

There are two first aid trained members of the operational team, Jude Greenwood and Hannah Greenwood. All unit partners should consider being first aid trained as you are responsible for such provision within your units. Training was recently given by Train Aid.  If you want to undertake first aid training, please contact them via 


You need to undertake a fire risk assessment (FRA) for your unit. The following template was sent us by the West Midlands Fire Service as a guide to what FRAs should cover. There is other advice available. Please ask Hannah, or Patrick for further links. A copy of our FRA is available fyi.

Within your unit you are required to maintain a suitable fire extinguisher and ensure you are properly trained to use it.

You are responsible for all visitors to your unit. This is both within your unit and ensuring their safe entrance exit

You must not leave heaters on unattended. 

We advise you to undertake fire martial training especially where you have visitors or employees working in your unit

In common areas at The Old Print Works, we have foam, CO2 and water extinguishers.  The following film will help you to understand which extinguishers to use for different types of fire. You will be required to watch this as part of your licence agreement.