A visualisation of a possible future for the ground floor factory 3 and courtyard by Dan Shurrock.

Dan Shurrock’s visualisation about how The Old Print Works ground floor and courtyard might change.

Dan Shurrock’s visualisation about how The Old Print Works ground floor and courtyard might change.


Craft & Community Cafe

Along the back wall (as you walk in) are floor to ceiling shelves of pottery and craft, the shelving wraps round to form the bar. The bar has been moved to allow for more window side seating and to fit an adjoining kitchen. The kitchen is located behind the bar and is half open to the larger tables and chairs. This area of the craft and community cafe with the larger tables is more of the active craft area for groups, individuals, parents, children and elderly to create informally or within a class. The visual connection to the 'open' kitchen could enable baking classes? 

 The floor has been raised in the cafe area creating a 'stage' for the performance area.

 Secret Garden Courtyard

 With carparking designated elsewhere the courtyard becomes a haven for public events,  ongoing community growing, outdoor learning and a green dwell space for co-workers, gig and cafe users. A covered veranda for sheltered outdoor seating connects the craft and community cafe to the flexible work / venue space. The outdoor space is a mixture of hard surface, box and pot planting allowing for flexibility of use whilst creating a sense of an intimate, green and alive pocket garden. Beneath the veranda covering is a pizza oven which can serve the cafe and private groups who may wish to rent the outdoor space along with the flexible work venue. Cycle storage is tucked away next to the house to be less visually prominent and could utilise double height storage to increase the numbers.

Performance / Market Space

This space has increased daylight from additional window openings overlooking the secret garden courtyard and the perforated glass and concrete floor slab above. The space can be used for performances on the newly created stage platform and the dotted graphic rectangles on the floor demarcate free artist/ crafts people display spaces - zones to be given free of charge to makers for a day or more in an attempt to bring interest, use, education and life to the space. The flexible dividers are used daily to divide the space and also for when the space becomes an indoor craft market.

'Seating' Stair

A new stair case that doubles up as a place to sit, stand dwell and watch performances from, have educational talks around and can be used as storage beneath.

Flexible Work / Venue space

This space has a WC and kitchenette to enable it to be rented out for events. It can also serve as additional co-working space with views overlooking the secret garden courtyard.

Flexible Dividers

Lighting, plants, natural materials and craft pieces are brought together in the form of moveable dividers dotted throughout, made from timber on which art and craft and plants are displayed to bring life to the spaces, act as functional dividers and serve as market / shop stalls / shelving. Indicated on plan as 'flexible dividers'.