We have a great range of co-worker members with a range of skills and competencies.  Here are some of them and their contact details.

Rachel Gillies

Community Film Making involves creating films with, for and about people of all ages and backgrounds on their own terms.

I aim to create media which tells important and personal stories, that can shape our ideas about the world and lead to positive social and political action.  This starts with giving more people a voice through participatory work – either through giving participants the tools to voice their ideas and make films themselves, or working on commissions which are developed collaboratively.

I work with arts organisations, youth groups, community projects, schools, charities, advocacy groups and do community-based work in the public sector.  I am particularly interested in exploring projects connected to heritage, community action, oral histories, social justice and urban wildlife.

What The Transfer means to Rachel

For me, it's a small haven, a cosy place to hide away and be productive which is right on my doorstep.  There are so many little hideaways here and it's full of greenery.  Tea and coffee are on tap, and the sustainable ethos of the place means that there is a mish-mash of furniture and decor, giving it a really homely feel.  I'm even managing a weekly lunchtime swim across the road in Moseley Road Baths!  I enjoy being around people with a 'can-do' attitude to making the building viable and vibrant.  It's very much what Balsall Heath is about.

shannon lattin

I’m a designer and illustrator specialising in infographics, social graphics, and editorial illustration. Much of my work involves taking hard-to-digest information and making it more accessible through helpful visuals and clear language. 

What The Transfer means to Shannon

The Transfer is a real community. It brings together people across an always-surprising range of professions and interests, making for great conversations. At the same time, it’s an easy place to really focus and get some work done. I’ve found that having such a friendly, comfortable hub with character makes all the difference as a freelancer. 

Edward Clay

I work with English, French and Italian, translating books and articles mainly on the topics of the environment, sustainable development, agriculture and tourism. I also work in the fields of politics, law and marketing. I’ve been working as a full-time freelance translator for 4 years having studied modern languages at university and then living overseas for several years to improve my language skills. I really enjoy my work: every day brings new challenges and I never stop learning new things!

What The Transfer means to Ed

For me, the Transfer is a perfect place to work. Having previously worked from home, it’s great to have a nice, cosy and friendly place to go to work with lots of interesting people. It’s exactly what a freelancer needs: a comfy, convivial space where you can be productive and enjoy the company of others at the same time ... what’s not to like?