What times are you open?

We are open Monday - Friday 8.30am-6.00pm apart from Bank Holidays.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Unfortunately not at present but you are welcome to set up a standing order - we can give you the bank details. You are also able to pay via our website with a credit/debit card, including for 3 months at a time.

Can I make phone calls at The Transfer?

We welcome quiet conversations and low-volume hubbub. Some people do tend to talk more loudly, especially when on calls, and if you are one of them you may want to move into the lunch room, or the meeting room may be available.  For scheduled calls you can book the meeting room at very affordable rates.

Do I get a specific desk?

Unless you opt for the dedicated desk option, desks are available on a first come, first served basis. We haven't run out of desk space yet and there is plenty of comfy seating as well.

What's the deal with a dedicated desk?

You get a specific desk with a lockable drawer unit. There are four of these desks in an adjoining office.  Same opening times, coffee and tea thrown in, but you don't need to carry your files in each day, and you could have a desktop computer or leave an extra monitor on your desk.

Do I have to join in the shared lunch?

No of course not. Many of our co-workers do regularly but some prefer to power through lunchtime and maximise the amount they can do.

What food should I bring?

Anything really.  Some people bring leftovers from the evening meal before.  Others pop by Lidl and get some bread, houmous or salad.  We have a microwave to reheat food and a fridge to store salad and savouries.  Veggie and Vegan food predominates.

Can I park at The Old Print Works?

There is plenty of on-street parking nearby. Our courtyard is reserved for loading and parking for disabled people.

How else can I travel there?

We are on the route the 50 bus, which runs very frequently.  If you ride a bike, we have plenty of covered cycle parking in our courtyard.  You can also pick up a cycle map from us, giving some suggested routes in and more information about what there is to do and see in the area and at The Old Print Works.

How fast is the broadband?

Unfortunately superfast broadband is not yet available in our area.  However, we have two wi-fi networks available. These are fine for most users.

Is my stuff secure?

You are responsible for your equipment or belongings brought into the space, and any loss or damage to them.