Seed Furniture is a bespoke design company, based at The Old Print Works, that utilises the skills of trained professionals to create unique products. They design and manufacture innovative and creative furniture and joinery for domestic and commercial uses. They rebuild and fit in shops, restaurants and bars. Jamie Begg, the owner, first started this business 7 years ago in his basement at home. All work was coming from family, friends and word of mouth and he did not find the need to market his work. In his second year, he came to The Old Print Works for a bigger, more practical space to work from. He first moved here 6 years ago, where he shared his space with his friend Rob who he studied with at Birmingham City University. Jamie is now the second longest serving tenant at The Old Print Works.


Unfortunately, Jamie has now out-grown his space here. He will be moving to Digbeth where he will have more space for his business to grow and more space to accommodate his two apprentices. However, Jamie has expressed that leaving The Old Print Works has been a very difficult decision. He would stay if his business was not expanding but unfortunately the space is no longer big enough. The unit at The Old Print Works has been a great space for Jamie’s business to expand in, where he can just get his head down and work and be the perfect factory for his messy work. Jamie also expressed how much the community at The Old Print Works is what he loved about being there. There have been loads of small businesses who have come and gone in his time at The Old Print Works, and a great selection of skilled people. He has managed to find work from people in the building and made friends with others where he can go to chat with and take his mind off his work when needed and even make friends with neighbours on the street.

Jamie is very thankful for being given the opportunity to stay at The Old Print Works and help let his business grow here.




If you are interested in renting a unit here at the Old Print Works, take a look at some of our vacant workshops: They are ideal for those who are makers or artists and like to get messy in their work! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.