The Transfer co-working space is a wonderful place to work away from home without distractions. With a retro-style work space, you have a choice of seating from comfy chairs or sofas through to work desks of all different sizes and styles. You receive a friendly, laid-back welcome, free Wi-Fi and refreshments. It’s a great space both to socialise around the regular shared lunches but also to concentrate to get those deadlines met! Better yet – membership fees are affordable!


What do the co-workers think?

We have a great handful of dedicated co-workers who love it here at The Transfer. So, what does The Transfer mean to them?

Shannon, Graphic Designer.

Shannon has been co-working at The Transfer for a couple of years now. She said that she loves to be here as it has a lot of character, a funky atmosphere with lots of plants and books. It really has that community feel. Shannon loves that new people constantly come in as well as having the regular faces every day. The option of a shared lunch helps take your mind off work for a bit and socialise. It has also been very convenient for her as it is only a 20-minute walk away from home. She spends a couple of days working at home as well as at The Transfer to mix it up a bit but prefers to co-work as it keeps her from being distracted but is also a bit more of a livelier environment.


Alison, writer.

Alison gave herself the mission to write a book. To do this she needed a co-working space which was flexible for her needs, kept her from distractions but also had a great friendly atmosphere. The Transfer was the place for this. Alison has co-worked at a few other places but found that The Transfer had that balance of a nice community atmosphere but also a friendly one for people to communicate with, share ideas and have lunch with. The friendly and sociable hosts also make it a very nice and comfortable place to be. Alison has been here for 18 months on and off as for her job she may not always need a co-working space. Fortunately, The Transfer has been the perfect space to supply these needs.

Ed, Translator. 

Ed has been here since September 2017. Before joining The Transfer, he used to work at home or in a cafe or library. He felt other co-working spaces were more corporate and did not offer the laid back, friendly atmosphere which The Transfer did. He said he doesn't like the typical office environment and here, he is a lot more active and gets so much more work done! He also expressed that it is a different atmosphere to the average co-working spaces and believes it is more informal and casual which is what he has been looking for. It is also only a 30-minute bike ride away from where he lives and he typically spends about 3 days a week co-working here.

Are you still unsure whether The Transfer is for you? Try our one-day free trial to see if it is your cup of tea! Book a trial run here: or simply drop us an email or pop in for a chat to find out more!